Welcome to Reg's Art.  Here are some images for your viewing, and hopefully you might find one you like enough to buy.  Click on a thumbnail below for a larger image.  If you do find an image you want, take note of its number (number can be found by holding cursor over image) and please email me at:  


I prefer to fulfill orders with stretched canvas prints.  They offer excellent image fidelity, durability, many customizing options, all at very reasonable prices.  The art that I send out for printing is optimized for the printing process so that every color and nuance comes through.  Each piece comes digitally signed by me (my signature is part of the print).  If you wish I will sign your print by hand but I don't like to do it for a few reasons: It raises the cost of the print since it has to come to me first and then I ship it to you, It is impossible to find a permanent marker that will last as long as the printed signature, and finally I'm not freakin' Picasso.

Each image has its own shape or aspect ratio; on some the sides are, for example, 1700 X 1100 pixels, others may have 3000 X 4000 pixels, or another ratio.  This means to get the final size you want I must work with you -- providing you a range of sizes and their prices, via email for the canvas you want. This can be done in a day and the art is on the way. 

Since I am doing this, for now, for friends and family, we will discuss the method of payment via email or telephone (I'm not set up for credit at this time).

I am excited to show this work and I am open to anything anyone wants to send my way --questions, answers, and/or suspicions.  Please try to check back often because I have a huge backlog of art to put on here and I wouldn't want you to miss it.